Sunday, March 20, 2011

scholl is come later

I toker a test this week to see wut clase to put my in i paste my mathe but not redding I have tow dow one ore tow trise mester of reding calsse at the edotld cales .I met with a calisel tomorew to see wut she sadi if she side to git in my preogem i need i will


Sandy said...

Alisha, I'm so proud of you. You passed the math test. YEAH!! I hope things come together with your classes soon. College, here you come.

Dan Thomas said...

Alisha we are so proud of you. I miss you being here. Tessha is very good to me but I am often alone. I miss your TV downstairs.

Tessha said...

Can't wait to hear more... Wishing you lots of luck!